Cold Emailing Or Cold Calling Which Is Better?

Are you thinking whether to cold call or cold email prospects? You have come to the right place. In this article, I will show you which is better: cold calling vs cold emailing, read till the end.

But first, let’s find out what cold emailing and cold calling are for those who are new to the topics.

What is Cold Calling?

cold calling

To give a simple definition, cold calls are a form of cold outreach in which you make a sales phone call to a business owner who doesn’t know you beforehand at all in an attempt to convert him or her into your client with your offer.

Easy Tips On How To Cold Call Effectively

Note: I personally don’t recommend you to cold call and rather you use cold email as your outreach method.

Continue reading in the cold email section below for more on this.

Here is a great video by Dan Lok who explains why you should totally avoid cold calling very well.

But if you have to absolutely do this, then here are some tips that worked for me.

Prospecting via making cold phone calls can work well if you know what you are doing without sounding salesy and pushy because nobody likes being sold to.

Remember that because this is an unsolicited call (you have no prior relationship with the prospect), you are trying to establish trust with the prospect in a short period of time during the phone conversation.

So you will need to keep your message personalized to the prospect and provide value by identifying the prospect’s pain points and how your solution is able to help solve that pain point for your prospect.

Doing so immediately puts you in an advantageous spot and gives you a unique selling point as you separate yourself from other generic salespersons in the market due to the value you put forth to your prospects.

What is Cold Emailing?

cold emailing

Similar to cold calling, sending cold emails is also one form of cold outreach to prospects which is also unsolicited.

Sending cold emails is simply sending emails to prospects who don’t know you at all and the purpose is to get them to know the offer you have for them and make them interested in your offer.

However, the main difference here is that sending cold emails is not intimidating compared to making cold calls.

By sending cold emails to your prospects, you are also conveying the same message to them as you would with cold calls since every business owners check their email inbox several times a day.

Click on the link on the right to follow our guide on how to write an effective cold email.

Who Should Cold Call?

Cold calling is suitable for the experienced cold callers and also those who don’t have the budget to generate warm leads.

Since cold calling is a free outreach method, anybody is suitable for cold calling. Though I personally recommend you to send cold emails instead.

Who Should Cold Email?

Similarly, it is free and suitable for those who don’t have a budget to attract warm leads. I recommend you to start with cold email prospecting as your outreach method whether you’re new to digital marketing or an experienced cold caller.

Why not make your life easier by sending out a couple of emails to prospects and make them interested in your offer then follow up with a call to close them?

Doing that will take the anxiety and fear out of yourself.

Pros And Cons Of Cold Calls


  • Helps develop courage in you
  • Allows you to control the flow of the conversation and close prospects faster if you’re really good at this
  • Prospects trust you more due to voice communication


  • Can be intimidating and uncomfortable
  • Can burn leads fast if you aren’t experienced or good at this
  • Requires persuasion skills
  • Requires much time and practice to learn this skill
  • Not suitable for introverts
  • Unscalable
  • Prospects annoyed by other call spammers

Pros And Cons Of Cold Emails


  • Feels great unlike having to cold call prospects
  • Scalable with SaaS email automation software like ScopeLeads
  • Easily piques the interest of prospects
  • Minimal learning curve required, just use email templates
  • Get past gatekeeper easily if you have the business owner’s email address or use it as an excuse to speak to the owner


  • Prospects frustrated by other email spammers
  • Backfires and tarnishes your reputation if you literally just copy and paste the exact email template without tweaking to make it unique to yourself.
  • Requires basic copywriting skills.
  • Takes longer to close prospects if you don’t follow up with calls
  • Lacks trust unless you follow up with calls
  • Requires you to invest in automation tools

Cold Emails Vs Cold Calls Comparison

I prefer emails over calls but why not combine them into this method: send emails first, then call up the business and say this to get past the gatekeeper you just send an email to the owner and wants to check if he or she has read it or not, it’s incredibly urgent.

Conclusion: Is It Better To Call Or Email A Prospect?

In conclusion, I personally prefer and recommend everyone to send cold emails over making cold calls to prospects especially if you are new.

I personally use a method to automatically find and outreach prospects within 10 minutes or less. It removes the need for you to cold call prospects thus saving you from awkwardness, anxiety, and fear due to cold calling.

My method leverages the power of sending personalized cold email sequences to prospects which gives you a foot in the door with them before you follow up with a warm call to increase the chances of closing the deal.

You will convert more leads into clients if you are already doing well with cold calls using this particular method. Find out more about the method by clicking on the button below.

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