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Tools Better Than ColdCRM: #1 Recommendation ScopeLeads

The best ColdCRM alternative is absolutely ScopeLeads. But why?

Best Parts of ScopeLeads

scopeleads is a better tool than ColdCRM

For starters, ScopeLeads just does it all.  I found it very easy to start using ScopeLeads in our daily operations for a plethora of reasons.

I would not recommend any different program to a beginner. This has all the tutorials you could ever want. The dashboard is easy to understand. All icons are clearly marked.

Everything is laid out for you to analyze and use in your marketing strategy. It’s like being given a math book with all the answers there for you. You can see your open rate, spam email rate and delivery numbers with no hassle.

And in the event that you need help, simply open the chat and start your query. There will likely always be somebody to help you out during normal business hours.

This B2B lead generation is just what busy people need. Everything is automated, and finding leads is no longer a hassle. Just fill in the parameters you want from the trusty dashboard and start shopping around. The leads come to you in mere moments.

And if you’re not a wordsmith, just use the pre-made templates. These emails look and sound professional. You can gradually come to make your own.

All your campaigns are easy to manage. You can clearly mark them with labels that you understand. They will all be arranged on the left side of your screen for easy access.

I also like that you can search by keywords as well as location. It’s easy to search for your niche/specialty in this manner.

Why ColdCrm Pales in Comparison

ColdCRM does not seem to cater to businesses outside of the EU. I noted all of its pricing was in Euro. Granted it is very easy to pay as the currency is converted automatically, but pricing in USD would be nice.  Pricing is at € 129, € 239, and then custom for large-scale operations.

I like that you get unlimited emails, that is a perk to be enjoyed at each level of service with ColdCRM.

But get this: there are limited numbers you can acquire as part of ColdCRM. For instance, the middle tier only allows you 350 numbers.

This is a bit limiting. Imagine all the leads you could be missing.

ScopeLeads, on the other hand, will get you thousands in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, I did not see a lot of features listed on the ColdCRM site. This is a program that is only good for finding the mobile numbers as well as emails of people even if they do not have an internet presence.

Or so states their website.

My concern is, how will you create emails to send? Where are the analytics? Where are the leads? A scouring of the ColdCRM site yields no info about this.

I do not mean to talk badly about ColdCRM, I am sure its minimalist approach is enjoyed by some. But for the bulk of us, knowing what we are doing well and what we can improve upon will help us get better.

Just go with ScopeLeads – You will get a lot more for your money.

I have a full in-depth review of Scope Leads that you can read if you want to know more about it.