Getting Past The Gatekeeper Examples That Work On The Phone

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bypass gatekeeper in the office

I have 3 ways to help you beat the gatekeeper and their objections.

Method 1

For method 1, always include a P.S. at the bottom of your email to tell the gatekeeper to kindly forward the email to the owner or decision-maker.

Here’s an example that I frequently use myself:

P.S. Could you help forward it to the right person if you aren’t? Thanks.

If the gatekeeper is kind enough, she will do it out of courtesy or fear of missing out on something really important for her company.

It’s really that simple, try it out yourself!

Method 2

Another way to do this would be to immediately call up the business/company hotline after a few hours of sending the email and tell the gatekeeper you’re following up with the owner to see if he has read the important email that affects his business/company sales you just sent.

The 2nd method works better than the first, give it a try!

Method 3

Here’s the 3rd way to bypass the gatekeeper, which I call the smart way.

I would use email automation software like Scope Leads which tracks when emails are being opened by the prospect.

And I would give the owner a call 1 minute after the software says the email is opened (as long as it’s between 8 am – 9 pm for US businesses due to the law), that is if you have the owner’s number of course.

Otherwise, you can also try your luck by dialing the business hotline and see if it’s the owner who picks up the call.

If its the gatekeeper, then tell him or her the same thing that’s taught in method two above, and you’ll most likely be directed to the owner or decision-maker.

Those are 3 simple and proven methods that work to bypass gatekeepers and their objections, try out all 3 methods and see if it works for you.

If you want to do email prospecting at scale, you need to get your hands on ScopeLeads. It’s a huge time saver thanks to its automation and tracking. Read my review here.

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