Gyrus Cinguli Phone Cases Reviews 2020

“I saw the ad and the picture looks great, but I wondered does the quality match up in real life?”

I decided to give them a chance and bought a phone case anyway. I’m glad I did!

phone cover

Not only is the phone case pretty, but it also protects my phone on a few occasions!

heart anatomy art

I like how the print is of high quality and the art is very detailed.

shipping enquiry

Other than selling pretty phone cases, Gyrus Cinguli has top-notched customer service.

Cyrus responds fast to my inquiries and assured me that my case will arrive in perfect condition.

He helps me understand the shipping process so that I know what to expect about the delivery timing.

This is rare in online buying!


What I found cute is that they have a Heart Transplant Guarantee.

What this means is that if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, simply email them and they will refund you promptly.

Why Heart Transplant?

Because guarantees shouldn’t be complicated like heart transplant surgery.



I’m not gonna lie that the only thing I dislike is the shipping time. It is a long wait and I’m not a very patient person, to begin with.

But Cyrus made up for it by updating me every step of the shipment progress through email. It was definitely well worth the wait when I got my hands on the case.

I would recommend Gyrus Cinguli based on these reasons:

1) Their phone cases are good quality and protected my phone multiple times.

2) They reply to emails promptly and answered all my questions.

3) They have a 1-year Heart Transplant Guarantee.

They have a 10% OFF discount code for new buyers, which you can use by following the link on the left.

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