How To Cold Email Effectively?

Cold emails work like a charm to get your prospects to open up your first email if you know what you are doing.

So how do you write an effective cold email?

First, familiarize yourself with the GDRP and CAN-SPAM Act for cold emailing.

Then use these easy tips to get started.

Keep things light-hearted and informal

When writing cold emails, keep the tone and language of the message informal and light-hearted as if you are writing to your good friend.

Avoid sounding salesy and formal in your approach, otherwise, you’ll trigger your prospects’ defense mechanism straightaway.

Remember, no one loves being sold to, so don’t sound like a salesperson in your email marketing approach.


In order to achieve a high open-rate, you need to craft your emails such that they are personalized to the individual prospects instead of sending mass generic email blasts.

Subject Title

In the case of creating a subject title that gets high open-rates, keep your subject title as short and vague as possible.

Make it like a simple question, for example, “Did you know this?”, “Quick question for you”, and “Are you aware of this?”

This piques curiosity which leads to high open-rates. This is the first step to ensure your emails get opened. It’s extremely crucial not to get this step wrong.

Greeting Line

Instead of saying “Hi there,” you can personalize by saying “Hi {name of business} or {name}”.

This makes your prospects feel that they are being approached by a real person with value as opposed to reading an email created by a robot (usually associated with spam). And they are highly likely to respond as a result.

Keep Things Nonintimidating

In order to encourage your prospect to read your email towards the end, stick to the following rules:

  • Do NOT write more than 5 sentences/paragraphs in your first cold email.
  • Each sentence should be in its own paragraph.
  • There should be 1 specific call to action (CTA) to get the prospect to micro commit.
  • Be polite and friendly as if you’re emailing a good friend.
  • Don’t be salesy, don’t talk about how great your business, company or product is.
  • Don’t start your email with clingy greetings like “Greetings Sir!”, “Good Day Madam!”, “How’re you doing?”, etc you get that.

Get Straight To The Point

Do not ramble on and on about introducing how good your company is, how great of a business person you are and don’t sell immediately.

No one cares and your prospects don’t too.

The focus of your emails should be 100% on the prospects and NOT you.

Remember, don’t sell during the first contact, instead get them to engage with you by replying. It’s just like dating.

Be straightforward in your approach and tell them why you are emailing them straight away.

For example, this is a perfect cold email template to use.

“Hi {name/business name},

I was doing market research in your industry and noticed that your business is lacking XXX.

This is causing your business to lose customers as a result.

Would you be the right person to talk to about this?

P.S. Could you help forward to the right person if you aren’t? Thanks.”

Follow Up

Now that you’ve sent the first email above, you should follow up with a phone call for faster results.

Otherwise, wait for a day or two, before you send a follow-up email that says the following if they didn’t reply.

Here is a sample email of how to follow up if you don’t get any response.

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