Ohm Energy Singapore

Is Ohm Energy Good?

Is Ohm Energy good? I get this question a lot and as I reflect, I remember I used to ask myself the same question too.

Fast forward more than 6 months later, I dare say I made the right choice and didn’t regret signing up with Ohm.

electricity price plan

My supply date started on 28 Mar 2019, and my family and I were so happy with Ohm’s service that we decided to extend another 6 months with them.

I am a very conservative person who values stability, good customer support and convenience and these were the deciding factors for me when I picked up Ohm as my electricity provider, and to this day, Ohm has never cease to deliver.

Ohm is also SP Group integrated, which means I’m on good hands.

Forget the electricity retailers who tempts you with attractive gifts, the last thing you want is bad customer support and constant electricity downtime. What good can the gifts help you in this case?

I honestly can’t recommend Ohm enough, and if you decide to go with them, here’s a $20 discount code to help you out.