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Tools Better Than Lead Forensics: ScopeLeads Is Your #1 Choice

So, I decided to compare LeadForensics to ScopeLeads because I wanted to know for myself what the best was.

It was a friendly debate between me and an old college buddy, comparing notes on our methods of generating leads.

Is LeadForensics Good?

He swore by LeadForensics but the best Lead Forensics alternative is no doubt ScopeLeads.

Sure, LeadForensics is a decent way to connect with visitors in a very efficient manner.

Yes, it helps you see how long they’ve stayed there.

Yes, you can see what pages are generating interest.

But you cannot see personal info like contact information-only a lead’s company info.

So, what good is it if you reach a customer service line dedicated to helping clientele, whose reps are great with customers but not trained to handle calls meant for the marketing department?

Furthermore, I found in my research that LeadForensics is good if you run a really large operation.

So those of you in small to mid-range businesses, you are out of luck.

There is a trial, but no flexibility in the plans-you get a full year agreement or nothing at all.


Pricing for this program starts at $99 and goes to $2000 per month-again you are locked into that 12-month contract.

You can contact them for a specific quote centered around your needs.

The Features

Features aren’t bad.

It does these things:

  • Lead generation
  • Visitor behavior monitoring
  • Generates reports and analytics
  • ID’s leads
  • Scores leads
  • Features a mobile app

You can also set criteria for leads of high value which my buddy liked.

The system will profile each lead based on your provided criterion and put the best ones at the head of the line.

And you get alerts when these companies visit you so contact can be made immediately.

ScopeLeads is Best

scopeleads is a better tool than lead forensics

But take all that and add in even more great features and you get ScopeLeads.

ScopeLeads does all that and more.

We use ScopeLeads, and I have found it to be just what I was looking for.

Our business is in reputation management, so ScopeLeads helps us target establishments, namely restaurants, that are reviewed below three stars on Google and need our help.

The thing with LeadForensics is that it really only does outreach stuff.

I need outreach stuff, but also the ability to instantly audit a website and send over a detailed audit.

There are also no limits when it comes to ScopeLeads.

We use the Pro plan, and I like that I can just use it without worrying about going over my monthly limits.

For instance, the number of single emails I can send to business owners (or anybody, really) are unlimited.

Bulk emails are limitless.

My Favorite Feature

Oh, and my favorite feature?

The auto-run mode for lead gen when I am busy with some other stuff.

Besides, ScopeLeads is less pricey overall.

We do the Pro Plan and it’s just $99 a month for that.

Meanwhile, you pay that much for the lowest tier of LeadForensics.

I’ll keep it brief here: If you want the best in B2B lead generation and you want a surefire ROI, just go with ScopeLeads.

If you want to learn more about Scope Leads, click here to read our full review of it.