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Tools Better Than Mail250: ScopeLeads Is The Best

Let’s Have a Look at the Best Mail250 Alternative.

What we have here is a techie team aimed at making your email marketing easy and scalable.

It used to be known as Swipemail, and the name, as well as the tech contained within it, has done a pretty good job of changing with the times.

You can track user behavior across the web, and also make use of smart delivery on business/nonprofit emails.

Email templates are easy to customize, I was able to easily make some engaging and personal ones that I could schedule to go out whenever.

The data that came back was pretty helpful too, I got info on bounces, opens, clicks, and delivery status.

I should also note that I found it pretty cool this MTA (mail transferring agent) is a self-updating program, it keeps itself aware of the ISP’s anti-spam policies and so your stuff is delivered on time, every time.

I will say it is a pretty good service for those of you that are busy.

You get only one shot to make a first impression, so can you imagine the embarrassment of sending duplicate emails to prospects?

Thankfully this program does catch it, so you don’t need to fear that.

Some other noteworthy features of Mail250 include the link click tracking, so you can keep track of who is interested in what, and an email open report, so you can figure out who’s opening it and when they do.

I also liked that there is an SMTP email log so you can get up to the minute data on opens, clicks, and bounces.

What If I Told You There Is A Program Out There Lightyears Better?

scopeleads is a better tool than mail250

A much better tool than Mail250 is ScopeLeads.

You probably thought it was a prank, the way I praised Mail250.

Scopeleads blows them out of the

Let’s talk dollars: Mail250 pricing starts at $20, $50 and $150.

It’s cheaper than ScopeLeads which is $67, $99 and $199.

But you don’t get half as much! And, the support just isn’t there.

When I need an answer about ScopeLeads, I go onto the dashboard and ask away.

For Mail250 you have to read the Knowledge Base or submit a support ticket.

I don’t have time to wait around as a business owner, neither do you.

The features of Mail250 are quite limited.

It’s all I wrote in the above paragraphs.

Meanwhile, I find that ScopeLeads does EVERYTHING for you, including finding leads.

Mail250 is nothing more than a bulk email service.

ScopeLeads does bulk email, lead generation, and provides you with the most current business contact info so you can make the most of those important first impressions.

And yes, ScopeLeads does have the feature which aids you in the prevention of duplicate emails.

You can literally use the filters provided by ScopeLeads to tailor and send emails to businesses that need your services.

Meanwhile, I have a feeling with Mail250 your stuff runs the risk of being pushed to the side, or worse, unsubscribed.

So, the big takeaway? Don’t let price dictate how your business does marketing.

Trust me when I say that ScopeLeads is much better.

Want to learn more about how Scope Leads works? Click here to see my full review.