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Geneco Vs Ohm Energy: Which Retailer Is Better?

Not sure if you should go with Geneco or Ohm Energy? Then you’re in the perfect place.

Find out here as we reveal the winner below!

Ohm Energy Overview

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What caught my eye about Ohm Energy was the bright and easy to navigate website. The site is clearly marked with all a customer needs to know: Pricing plans, promotions, company info, and FAQ.

I like that this company offers promotions and pricing plans that allow you to save on your energy bill. Price is the bottom line for most consumers, and they do a good job of drawing clients in. Customers seem happy with this company as evidenced by the 4.9/5-star reviews I saw.

Lastly, they are partnered with SP Group (formerly known as Singapore Power), which gives consumers the same billing process and service they are already familiar with.

The only thing I did not care for was that it was hard to find customer service info and that commercial services do not seem to be offered.

Geneco Overview

I liked that Geneco is all about helping people save. They have an energy quiz that helps you make an estimate, as well as clearly marked pricing plans which I appreciate.

They cater very well to both business and residential customers. There are promotions available for residential customers and you can easily request a quote if you run a business. Geneco even has a discounted rate available for contract periods.

There are heaps of good reviews from customers that are concise and helpful in deciding if Geneco is right for you. A price match guarantee is also offered which ensures you get the best rate.

Which You Should You Go With?

Ohm is a fine company and does a great job of being transparent with their company mission and rates. I have been with them for over 6 months already and extended another 6 months with them.

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Despite this, I feel that Geneco is the better option. Pricing is often the deciding factor for consumers and the fact that Geneco offers many savings options is a game-changer. Furthermore, Geneco has options for customers seeking energy for their business.

I would recommend you go for Geneco when seeking power for your home or business.

That said, being someone who is quite averse to change, I would rather not fix something that is not broken and I went with Ohm because I wanted to keep the same billing process and also knowing that SP Group is a reputable company puts my mind at ease.

If you prefer the same billing process with SP Group, then here’s a $20 discount code for you to get started with Ohm.

Otherwise, Geneco is a good option too!