Ohm Promo Code 2019: OHMREFFFB0AB

Use this Ohm energy discount code for a $20 OFF your next electricity bill:


Why Choose Ohm Energy?

Choosing Ohm energy as your electricity retailer is the smartest choice because:

  1. 3-month trial
  2. can go contractless with the contractless plan
  3. SP integrated bill (the first retailer to go SP integrated bill)
  4. No security deposit required
  5. The ONLY retailer that uses customer support team from Singapore Powers (SP)
  6. $20 referral code (unlimited stacking)
  7. absorbs transmission loss charges

By choosing Ohm, you have fuss-free billing, excellent customer support, stackable referral code, renewal benefits, redemption benefits before the deadline, option to go contractless, allows for business partnerships, they absorb transmission loss charges.

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