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Tools Better Than PersistIQ: ScopeLeads Is Our Preferred Choice

I Found the Best PersistIQ Alternative

It is no doubt ScopeLeads, but let’s take a fair and balanced look at both sides so that we can know why.

Why I Liked It

Let’s begin with why PersistIQ is a good program (note I said good, not great).

Firstly, you can make a free account.

This is good for those that want to try stuff out first, and who doesn’t?

This does do a good job of helping you keep track of your prospects, work with team members on a project, and create/execute sales campaigns.

Indeed, it does all you expect out of a B2B/Mail management program.

The pricing isn’t bad either.

It starts at $50 for the Lite edition, $80 for the starter edition, and $120 per month for the pro edition.

This is a cost per user per month; it does go down if you choose to be billed annually.

The user interface is pretty clean and very user-friendly.

Even those who have never done this could probably be fine after a bit of training.

The features do get updated regularly.

Unlike ScopeLeads, this program lacks some important capabilities.

For instance, you cannot send bulk attachments with this program.

Also, the events feed tends to be inaccurate.

I also found that users wanted more features, despite the features being updated on a regular basis.

For instance, I saw that they wanted more encompassing and comprehensive analytics.

Others simply found the pricing to be a bit high.

Scopeleads Is Better

scopeleads is a better tool than PersistIQ

I wholly agree with these users.

I find ScopeLeads to be much more robust when it comes to keeping things under control as far as analytics go.

The extent to which you can glean and use info with ScopeLeads is astounding.

The interface is simple, to start.

You just log into the dashboard (reminds me a lot of WordPress).

You can start a new campaign and search for the types of leads you want.

Maybe your company does video, mobile, or SEO.

Whatever it is, you can reach out.

Leads come to you in mere minutes.

They include all the info you could ever want, such as email and phone numbers.

And you need not hire a freelancer or ask one of your teammates to stay late composing various email templates.

That’s right-the pre-made email templates are just perfect and will help you get started.

You can tweak them to fit your business’s individual needs.

So, you already save money while making more in the process.

It will get you some leads and get your confidence up, then you can start making your own for the business you’d like to reach.

No Limits

Another thing I’d like to bring up is the number of emails you can send.

On ScopeLeads, when they say unlimited, they really mean it.

Meanwhile, PersistIQ doesn’t really do a good job of informing you if you’re pushing the envelope too much.

This could lead to your domain getting suspended or in some kind of trouble.

So, my point is this: Just make it easy and go with ScopeLeads.

If you want to know more about ScopeLeads from my very own experience, click here.