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Tools Better Than Salesgenie: ScopeLeads Is Your Best Bet

I took a look at Salesgenie just to get an idea of what it was about. I will tell you what I found but be warned, it’s not the best.

The best salesgenie alternative is ScopeLeads.

Salesgenie is enticing at first.

They draw you in with the features you seek in a B2B lead generating/mail program.

You needn’t have any serious computer or software skills to use it; it really appeals to the newbies on this one.

There is a live chat service, so the support is definitely there.

There’s no need to stop what you are doing and call a phone number or shoot an email for help.

There is also a specific targeting feature, you can use it to pinpoint the best leads and sell to these prospects.

It’s all done by way of the handy search feature.

It’s easy to train a newbie to use Salesgenie.

All the commands are clearly labeled, and you are told if a client is hot, cold, or already part of your base.

You can make up numbers for these contacts and you can just enter the number, pulling them out if contact is necessary.

The narrowing down of your target demographic is also a good feature of Salesgenie.

They have over 100 demographic criteria you can use to narrow down your search results.

This will net you only the prospects you wish to pursue.

In this manner, you can hook onto a group that’s going to buy what you are selling, and you can truly get some quality leads this way.

I Recommend ScopeLeads

scopeleads is better than salesgenie

But even with all this, I found Salesgenie to be a little lacking.

Their website really doesn’t give you a great rundown of what their email services can do.

Meanwhile, ScopeLeads is very transparent about what you can get from them.

Salesgenie does NOT tout its ability to play up your business’ strong point.

We take a lot of pride in the fact that our firm can do quality video production now, and we LOVE telling businesses such as restaurants and retail establishments the importance of using video and photography as a means of selling goods.

We tailor emails to suit such prospects.

I really don’t see where you can do that with Salesgenie.

Furthermore, the pricing plans of Salesgenie are nothing to smile about.

I don’t mean to disparage another business, but other users have even discussed just how expensive the service is.

They offer a 3-day trial, but no pricing plans are to be found on their site.

For me, this throws up a huge red flag because I like to know right away.

Meanwhile, I find that ScopeLeads is honest about what they charge and their services.

And lastly, I will say this: ScopeLeads knows you don’t have time to waste.

It boasts its ability to find you leads in mere minutes.

I don’t see this on the Salesgenie site, again I find this to be a bit concerning.

In short?

Save your money and just try out ScopeLeads.

You will be glad you did.

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