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Scope Leads Review 2021: How I Get 2287 Leads In 1 Hour With ScopeLeads?

2287 leads

Friends, I would like to thank you for taking the time to click on and read this Scopeleads review.

My name is Alvin, and in this particular article, I am going to take you through my experience using ScopeLeads.

I will start with a breakdown of what it is, tell you how to go about using it, and then I will discuss the experience I had with the program.

I think you will be pleasantly surprised, and incredibly motivated!

After all, I am glad to report an increase in my leads of about 2287 in 1 hour, WOW.

My agency does SEO and Web Design, which is rife with competition, so I am very happy with the results!

What Is ScopeLeads?

Let’s keep it simple here – ScopeLeads is a B2B generation SaaS (software as a service) that automates the process of finding B2B leads and then sends cold emails to these organizations using the personalized, effective messages you have created yourself.

You save heaps of time doing it this way instead of having to do it yourself.

The software’s creator, Lior Ohayon, worked with a software developer to create a program that would automate the entire process of finding leads so that he could focus on building his business.

And although Scope Leads has really taken off, the team still works to make Scope Leads the best it can be so everybody everywhere can automate the process of lead generation.

How You Use Scope Leads?

You will be so glad to know that you need not be a genius or online marketing guru to understand how this stuff works. This is where our Scopeleads review comes in.

I will get into pricing a little later but I would also like to mention that the rates they offer on this program are really reasonable, they completely understand if you are not running a full-scale web design/SEO/graphic design/whatever firm.

Anyway, the process of using this is very easy:

Simply start by logging into the dashboard.

It shows all your stats by way of a clear, easy to read graphical interface.


You then click on the New Campaign folder icon and create a title and description for the campaign.


New Campaign

Then click on the New Search button and the Search Wizard will pop up.

new search

From there you are introduced to a bunch of results that you can pick to find the leads you are interested in gaining.

For me, my click is always on “SEO lacking” or “mobile lacking” as that is what our firm specializes in.

We also started video production recently so “Video Lacking” is also something we click on nowadays.

new search types

You will then see a chance to click on “keywords and location” and you can enter in the niche or line of work that you can provide services to.

New Search Keyword And Location

Click on “finish” and then fill up the description box.

The last thing I entered was “find New York divorce lawyers who need SEO.”

New Search Option

Then click finish once more.

After this, you will head back to the campaigns page and it will display the search you created just now.

Just give ScopeLeads a little time to find all the leads for you – it only takes a few moments.

I got about 79 leads and then all I had to do was click on “view” so I could reach out to the people who wanted my services and begin negotiating with them.

I keep repeating the process until I got 2287 leads.

Lead Gen In Process

leads page

In case you cannot find certain info like phone numbers, emails, or address of the business, it is best for you to click on the “visit” button for the business’s website, and then Scope Leads will open up that site so you can look there for whatever is missing.

If you still can’t find it, time to hit up Google – it’s a bit of an inconvenience but not terrible.

It’s kind of a blessing actually – you could use it as a talking point when you first greet them.

“Hey, I noticed you were looking for X services. I would be happy to help.

Also, I was just doing a quick scan and noticed your website was lacking in a clear phone number and address.

I would love to help you do some improvements to make this good website great.”

Your approach may vary, but it’s a nice way to show them you have strong attention to detail and help them increase their own profitability.

We offer our services at a fair price and are continuously honing the art of selling our services-and the best part is, there’s no annoying cold calling that we have to do anymore.

That alone is a wonderful thing! I highly recommend you watch the video Lior put together to really see it in motion.

It’s much easier than my blurb above made it sound!


My Thoughts on Price


When writing this scopeleads review, I think the first thing we all care about when doing anything for our business is the price.

How much will X cost me?

I am happy to report that the pricing in comparison to what you get with Scope Leads is fair and a serious value add.

The price tiers are as follows:

  1. $67/month for the Lite plan
  2. $99/month for the Pro plan
  3. $199/month for the Agency plan

So as you can see, things are very fair.

We use the Pro plan as we don’t run a full-scale agency but did not feel the need to cut corners and miss out on all the great features you get with ScopeLeads.

Sure, it’s a little more pricey, but I don’t want FOMO when it comes to running my business.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • The chance to run unlimited numbers of searches
  • You can store unlimited leads
  • You can send any number of single emails-as many as you like
  • You can send any amount of bulk emails
  • It will be easy to follow-up on drip email sequences
  • You can configure more search types
  • You can also use the auto-run mode when you have to focus on other things

So although you might be paying a bit more with the Pro package, the convenience is really worth it!

My Experience with ScopeLeads

Now let me be clear about something: You have to do the work and put in the effort when it comes to formulating your cold emails.

They have to be tailored to each lead so you don’t come off as some walnut sending spam emails to anybody who will listen.

If you do it right you will get responses back from these folks who really want to know more about what you can do.

Have faith and confidence.

lead reply

more lead reply

You are good at what you do and NOBODY can match it.

Bottle that message, put it in an email, and watch the clientele roll in thanks to Scope Leads.

It is not always easy to do this, but it’s worth it.

I definitely got more people coming to me and I found this lead generating website to be better than most others.

I had used one before and wasn’t getting what I wanted out of it.

After doing my research and talking to some friends, I found out Scope Leads is the way to go as the technology used on this site is TOPS and it manages the leads with hardly any effort on my part.

SEO keywords and social networking combine to form a higher probability of leads being generated and your profit going up as a result.

Why I Like Scope Leads

So, full disclosure, this part could probably be its very own article, but I am gonna go ahead and cut loose regarding the stuff I really love about using this particular program.

For starters, this is so flexible.

I do not work out of an office as many do; rather I work from home and sometimes find myself on the road teaching or even attending to one of my kids’ needs or sporting events.

This interface works anywhere, I can use it with ease on my tablet to make work a breeze no matter where I find myself at any given moment.

The fact that “video lacking” is also part of this makes me happy in many ways; videos are without a doubt the prime way to sell a product.

This enables content creators and web marketing specialists alike to get in on the action and offer their services.

It’s a winner for the video maker and the product seller alike.

Another great thing I really enjoyed was the fact that I could just get some new prospects without having to be so weird about it.

Cold-calling and such activities are awful, and we all know it.

This is so easy.

I just tailor the emails to the business I would like to offer my services to, I press a simple button, and Scope Leads takes the reins and makes it all happen.

It’s just a few minutes of sitting back before I get the prospects and all their contact info delivered to me.

I can’t stress enough how easy it is to look like a real authority to my prospects.

I take pride in being good at what I do, and I want my customers to know it.

Being able to offer them an improvement for their website as well as offer real facts about SEO is so important to me because it sells my services but also shows them they are getting it from a knowledgeable source.

ScopeLeads lays out what’s lacking for me, so I can easily craft my response and get my foot in the door.

I also love the fact that I can target my own personal area.

We are based out of Singapore, so I certainly have a great understanding of that area and the USA at large having traveled the country.

Other nations, not so much so I keep things within boundaries I know about so I can provide accurate services.

Lastly, I would like to note that Scope Leads does not put a cap on your searches.

You won’t get banned from using Google.

You can use this program to come up with as many leads as you are able to handle, and you can do this as often as you would like.

I imagine you could even generate a huge list and give it to an employee-focused on converting prospects to customers if you run an agency.

What I’d Change About It

So, of course, there are things about the program I would change, no doubt.

I am largely really happy with it, but it is best, to be honest about the cons as well as the pros.

Firstly, there is no free trial. I am a bit of a frugal guy and really like to try stuff before I go spending money on it.

I was pretty confident it was going to work thanks to my research plus a friend who advised me of the program, but I would have really preferred a limited free trial just to see how it worked.

Second, I noticed that some leads tend to overlap if you search for niches in the same location.

Law is our niche, so searching for lawyers in New York and then searching for divorce lawyers and pop-ups more or less led me to the same leads. A bit frustrating for sure.

Finally, I find the support is lacking when it comes to “after hours” help.

The support team works 9 to 6, reasonable hours for sure.

I would like to have some help beyond normal hours just in case, however.

Final Thoughts

scopeleads review

I hope you like my honest Scopeleads review.

There’s really no reason for you to NOT try Scope Leads out.

For starters, you can certainly check out what others had to say and you will surely find they too felt positive about the program.

Second, there is proof it really works! Check out ScopeLeads’ site to see screen-caps and stats regarding this program.

Third, there is a money-back guarantee for you.

If after 30 days you are not satisfied with this product for any reason, you simply say so and you get your money back.

That’s it.

But the truth is, you will be so glad about the results that returning this will be the furthest thing from your mind.

Go check it out no matter what, there’s no risk.

See for yourself how great it can be!

Simply sign up through my link, and I’ll give you my personal email sequence template that helps me generate good responses from my prospects as a bonus. Just email me at after you have signed up.