Brutally Honest Scope Leads Review: Does ScopeLeads Really Work?

scope leads

Are you thinking of buying ScopeLeads? If so, read my review before you decide if it’s a right tool to include into your B2B lead gen arsenal.

Hi, I’m Alvin. I run an SEO agency and I only review products that I personally use to grow my business.

In this ScopeLeads review, I will share with you everything I know about Scope Leads since I already have access to the pro version to give you a genuine perspective on whether you should buy or not.

What Is ScopeLeads?

Scope Leads is a B2B lead generation software as a service (SaaS) created by Lior Ohayon that automates finding B2B leads and sending cold email sequences to them with your own effective and personalized emails. This eliminates the need for you to manually perform these processes yourself which is a huge time saver.

The Story Behind Scope Leads

Probably like you, Lior used to perform B2B lead generation by manually scraping and searching the web for businesses’ emails so he could outreach to sell his SEO services to them.

Lior also found quality leads by manually Googling the industry and location he wanted to serve in and then open each website result returned by Google to find the owner’s email address.

Once he had the emails, he would compile them in an excel sheet document.

This whole process took him a few hours every day and he couldn’t scale his business the way he dreamt of so he realized he needed to do something about this since his time is worth much more than just finding leads’ email addresses.

Out of necessity, Lior finally found a developer to help him develop ScopeLeads that will automate that whole lead generation process to free up his time so he could scale his business efficiently.

Today, Lior and his team are committed to making ScopeLeads the best b2b lead gen software out there on the market and accessible to everyone who needs to automate the same process.

Who Is ScopeLeads For?

ScopeLeads is for anybody who wants to:

  • Automate B2B lead generation and cold emailing
  • Hates cold calling and wants to replace cold calling with cold emailing
  • Automate cold email and sending cold email sequences on a large scale
  • Find quality B2B leads from Google without manually searching for them and compiling the data.
  • Run an SEO, web design, Adwords agency or any other B2B service agencies
  • Sell arbitrage services (logo design, web design, SEO services and more)
  • Market your own services to other businesses
  • Sell B2B leads to other businesses or salesperson
  • Perform business to business outreach
  • Track outreach email send rates, open rates and reply rates.

Scope Leads Available Pricing & Plans

Scope Leads comes with 3 different types of pricing plans and they are:

  1. Lite – $67/month
  2. Pro – $99/month
  3. Agency – $199/month

You should pick the plan that most suits your needs. I’m on the Pro plan and it’s working awesomely for me.

The Pro plan is the most valuable plan to have except if you are running an agency or are a heavy user. With the Pro plan, you will have the following features:

  • Run unlimited searches
  • Store unlimited leads
  • Able to send unlimited single emails
  • Able to send unlimited bulk emails
  • Follow up drip email sequences
  • Configure additional search types
  • Has auto-run mode

How To Use ScopeLeads?

Scope Leads is very straightforward and easy to use, let me show you what I mean.


When you are logged into ScopeLeads, you will be greeted by the dashboard above.


Next, click on New Campaign Folder.

New Campaign

Fill up the title and description like the one shown above.

new search

Then click on “New Search” button and you will see the new search wizard below.

new search types

Here you see there are many search types you can choose to find the leads you are interested in serving. For this demonstration, I will choose “SEO Lacking” to find business owners who need SEO.

New Search Keyword And Location

Next, under the “Keywords & Location” tab, enter the industry/niche in the “Keywords” field and the location. I typed “divorce lawyers” and “New York” for mine.

Click on “Finish”.

New Search Option

Fill up the description field. This is what I typed for mine “find New York divorce lawyers who need SEO”.

Again, click on “Finish”.

Lead Gen In Process

Now you will see the campaigns page and it shows the search that you created. Give ScopleLeads a while to find the leads for you.

It should take at most a few minutes, depending on how big the specified location is.

For my example, it generated 79 leads that need SEO that I can outreach to.

Click on the “View” button to see the contact information of each lead that is generated by Scope Leads.

leads page

Next, you will see the contact information of each lead like the one above. However, I have blanked out the contact information for obvious reasons.

Sometimes ScopeLeads will not be able to find and display certain information of the lead such as the address, phone or email as some business owners don’t have emails in the case of missing email information and etc.

What you can do in this case is to click on the “Visit” button under the “Website” column and Scope Leads will open up that lead’s website so you can search for the lead’s contact information on their website.

If it isn’t listed there, you will have to google to find their contact information. This is the only downside of Scope Leads, but honestly, it isn’t their fault, to begin with.

You can even click on “Run Audit” to generate a quick audit report for the lead’s website and inform them there’s something lacking with their website.

This gives you a foot in the door opportunity to establishing trust and connection with them.

If you prefer to watch a video to learn about how ScopeLeads work, watch this video by Lior instead.

How I Personally Use ScopeLeads To Get More Leads?

I usually use ScopeLeads to get my foot in the door with the leads by finding leads with the “Social Lacking” or “Schema Lacking” features and sell those services to them at a low price.

Does Scope Leads Really Work? My Results – Leads I Get From ScopeLeads

ScopeLeads does work if you put in the time and effort to craft your cold emails so they are personalized to the individual leads and don’t look spammy.

This is the replies I get from using cold email outreach with Scope Leads.

lead reply

What Do You Get From Joining ScopeLeads?

Once you join ScopeLeads, you get the following:

  1. Access to Scope Leads
  2. Access to member’s content – tutorials, user case studies, webinar replays, sales & call strategies
  3. Facebook mastermind group
  4. Free and high converting cold email templates & sequences
  5. Helpful and responsive customer support
  6. And more whenever Lior and his team updates Scope Leads

Free Training, Strategies, And High Converting Email Templates

You get access to Lior’s free training on:

  • How to use ScopeLeads.
  • Strategies to write personalized and non-spammy cold emails that will get high open-rates.
  • Access to high-converting email templates that are ready for use.
  • User case study.
  • The only sales training you will ever need.

Responsive & Professional Customer Support

The Scope Leads support team is knowledgable, professional and responsive in addressing any issues I have. They usually take under 1 business day to reply to your ticket.

Quality customer support is the most important thing for me to look at closely before I invest my money into any service and Scope Leads support continues to impress me.

However, their support only works on weekdays so that’s the only downside.

Facebook Group

The ScopeLeads Facebook mastermind group, also referred to as the “ScopeLeads Elite Facebook Group” in the member’s content area now has 1335 members at the time of writing this review.

The Facebook group is for members to discuss strategies about using Scope Leads, best practices for cold emailing, how to effectively and efficiently use ScopeLeads and any questions that you want to ask.

The Scope Leads Facebook community including Lior is very active in ensuring questions get answered so every member benefits and learn how to use the tool properly to get a positive return on investment (ROI).

Money Back Guarantee

Scope Leads offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you need a refund.

Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
You don’t need to cold call anymore Support is only available on weekdays and closed on weekends
You’ll only warm call your leads (if you want to) after cold emails are sent You’ll have overlap leads if you search for closely related industries in the same location.
Find unlimited hot B2B leads in minutes You’ll close more leads if you follow up with a phone call after sending cold emails.
Leads generated are always fresh Does not offer a free trial
No limits to how many contacts you can store
No limits to how many emails you can send
Supports any niche and any location in the world
Automates your work processes so you can save time
Test your emails before you send
Email validation to know which emails are bad
Internal built-in spam score
Prevents you from emailing the same lead twice
Schedule future emails to send
Track all email opens, link clicks and deliveries
Game changer for business to business lead generation
Very affordable due to the many features available
Constantly improved and updated
30-day money back guarantee


Don’t take my word or other ScopeLeads reviews’ words for it. Try ScopeLeads out for yourself.

It’s risk-free since you are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose. The best thing about having this great tool is I no longer have to manually find leads and then cold call them anymore.

Although I can cold call, I dislike the anxiety and fear associated with cold calling. Thankfully ScopeLeads eliminates the need for that.

You’ll see more success with a follow-up call since it’s really rare to be able to close a deal with just cold email alone, depending on your offer of course.

I can assure you that Scope Leads is one of the best B2B lead generation tools out there on the market especially if you are doing client SEO or lead gen SEO to negotiate deals. Happy scope leading!