Read My Honest Search University Review Before You Join

Are you looking for a genuine review of the Search University SEO course? Congratulations! You have come to the right place! I’m a Search University member myself for over a year.

If you read everything I write carefully, you will see I have social proofs to back up my claims about this online SEO course created by Gregory Ortiz.

So let’s get started.

What Is Search University?

logo of search university

Previously known as Source University, Search University is a cutting-edge yet affordable online search engine optimization (SEO) course for anybody that is interested in learning SEO. It is suitable for all levels of SEO ranging from beginners, amateurs and even veterans. It is a carefully well-designed step-by-step course that anyone can follow along easily to attain rankings. So even if you are already a veteran in this field of digital marketing, you will still learn a trick or two from this course.

Who Is The Creator Of Search University?

picture of gregory ortiz himself

As mentioned above, the creator of this SEO course is Gregory Ortiz. Gregory is a search engine optimization expert who holds the number 1 ranked site for the term “New York SEO” for over 4 years, since 2014.

He used to be a manager at Bed Bath & Beyond and later on he managed to quit his 9-5 job due to working on SEO after work. Today, he is working on SEO consulting full-time, while managing his portfolios of affiliate sites and helping others achieve the same through Search University.

In my humble opinion, his entrepreneurship story is very impressive and especially when he is also able to rank #1 for such a lucrative term in a big city like New York.

Moreover, he absolutely holds nothing back when he teaches SEO in his course. You get to learn the exact process he’s using to rank #1 for New York SEO and all of his other affiliate websites that are making him recurring passive income.

He’s an awesome and friendly dude who is very active on his facebook and caring towards the success of his students. He’s always there to answer questions from his students no matter how basic the question may seem. He always encourages his students to ask questions in the Facebook group so he can answer their doubts when he’s online.

Check out this video where Gregory got interviewed by a pretty famous SEO blog named Lion Zeal.

I’ve joined many courses and facebook groups of those courses and I have never seen a course creator or coach as friendly and responsive like Gregory.

friendly gregory ortiz

gregory ortiz being friendly and nice to his students by responding to their SEO questions

So do know that you are in the right place to learn SEO from.

Okay, enough of Gregory and let’s get to what you will learn from the course itself.

What Will I learn Inside Search University?

Let’s first take a sneak peek inside the course. As you can see below, each video is stacked nicely in sequence. This structure makes the course step-by-step and easy to follow along. You will learn everything from setting up your first website to finding and ranking for profitable keywords as well as the monetization of SEO; which includes; rank and rent SEO, client SEO and affiliate SEO (which is the most important in my opinion).

What I like about this course especially are the webinars and resources sections. When you enroll, you get to attend live monthly webinars to ask live questions related to business and SEO. If you are in an emergency to ask questions, just drop your question in the members Facebook group and Gregory will reply within a day.

The resources section is amazing as well because, in that section, you get to see a list of consolidated outsourcing gigs that Gregory personally uses for every one of his SEO campaigns. This means you don’t have to do the work yourself every time which also means it is very easy for you to scale this SEO business of yours by outsourcing the tasks to trustable vendors.

sneak peak of search university course member's view

the search university member's tab

How Much Does Search University Cost?

Now you may be wondering, so far this course seems awesome but how much will it cost me? As of now, the answer to that million dollar question is $99/month.

I say as of now because the price will go up once the next 100 members join this course as Gregory wants to keep this course as underground as possible because he only has that much time and energy to look after a group of people. More people joining means the less time and energy he will have for his members.

Also, considering all the resources, monthly live webinars, exact step-by-step ranking process and Facebook Q&A you get, $99/month is considered extremely affordable compared to other SEO courses created by “gurus” who make money off selling courses to you. In this regard, Gregory is different because he doesn’t make his primary income from Search University but rather from his affiliate sites and ranking #1 for “New York SEO”.

I’m sure those gurus will never show you their personal rankings but Gregory does, so who would you rather learn SEO from? I would rather learn SEO from someone who ranks #1 in a major city like New York. In fact, the fact that I was able to rank this page on the first page of Google was because of joining this course in the first place…

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Pros Of Joining The Program

Here is a quick summary of the pros of joining this course.

free search university t-shirt

  • You get a free Search University T-shirt in your second month of being a member.
  • discounts to Gregory’s awesome software
  • free rank-and-rent software that cost $19.99/month
  • list of outsourcing gigs
  • live monthly webinars
  • active Facebook members support group
  • step-by-step ranking process
  • SEO ranking case study for both affiliate and client SEO
  • many more that aren’t yet listed because Gregory is constantly updating more features into the course…
  • can cancel the subscription anytime

Cons Of The Program

Here is a quick summary of the cons of joining this course.

  • Limited intake of 100 students (course will not accept any more enrollment after another 100 students join)
  • continue to be frustrated by learning SEO on your own
  • Paying $99/month may be considered expensive to you, especially when starting out
  • I wish that Gregory would produce & upload more content at a faster rate because I’m fast learner myself and I get bored easily without new content to learn from.
  • no money back guarantee or refund when you join this course as this course is only for the determined and serious entrepreneurs

My Personal Rankings Thanks To What I’ve Learned From This Course

After 3 months of consistent SEO work from applying what I’ve learned from the course, I was able to achieve many #1 and #2 rankings for my affiliate SEO campaign which translated into monthly affiliate commissions below.

my own personal rankings after applying what I have learned from search university

affiliate commission payout

Is Search University A Scam? Testimonials By Other Students

If you are thinking whether this course is a scam then what I have just shown above and the screenshot below should put that doubt to an end. There are countless success stories and testimonials by other Search University students who have gone on to create 5-6 figures online business. You can be the next success story.

testimonials of search university students

Final Thoughts

In closing, the Search University SEO course is really worth the money, given the pros of joining this course outweighs the cons. I definitely do not want to learn search engine optimization on my own as I did 3 years ago where I was extremely frustrated with the constant Google algorithm update while not knowing the 80/20s of SEO.

Fast forward into 3 years, I am glad I took a leap of faith and joined this course and the rest is history. Today, I am able to rank for literally any keyword of my choice given the time, budget and resources and I want to same for you. The choice of reaching the pinnacle of SEO or to keep being frustrated by figuring SEO out on your own is yours.

All I can say is the feeling and freedom of being able to rank for anything is something that I will never trade away for. All the best and good luck ranking!

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