The Winstedt School Reviews 2020

the winstedt school review

Check out my review about The Winstedt School located in Upper Boon Keng Road, Singapore.

Why Choose Winstedt?

Winstedt exists to help youngsters who escape everyone’s notice. Our global school is home to an energetic, assorted and caring network of understudies, educators, pros who accept each learning experience ought to be instinctive, creative and locks in.

Such learning encounters can just exist with the coordinated effort of various kinds of ability, gifts, points of view, and techniques from everywhere throughout the world. At The Winstedt School, our understudies flourish among a universal network of interconnected experts that give individualized guidance

Satisfied Testimonials

“My child Barney was analyzed at 5 years old with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and subsequently he missed just about two years of school. This abandoned him impressively his friends thus we looked long and hart for a school that could bolster this shortage. We at long last discovered Winstedt, where the one of a kind learning approach fit Barney so he could make up for the lost time.

We welcome that Winstedt set aside the effort to plunk down and truly get him, and to chat with us about how we could best help him. The instructors were not hesitant to be uncompromising with him, while as yet giving perpetual tolerance and grace as his enthusiastic breakdowns turned out to be less continuous.

What we didn’t know at the time was that Barney had created ADHD heedless sort because of the chemotherapy treatment, which is a typical reaction. Winstedt pushed us to have him tried, we opposed, terrified to put a name on him. Once more, instructors set aside the effort to sit with us and clarify that he was simply not getting “higher request” thinking and that it was not for the absence of exertion.

This was the best thing that occurred for Barney – we at long last understood that he was attempting his best, however, the ADHD had been keeping him down. To cite Barney “I don’t need to battle to remain wakeful at this point. I appreciate going to school and learning!” His confidence has experienced the rooftop, while already he had named himself “the large moronic child”, he presently takes an interest in the class and realizes he is similarly as skilled as his companions.

All through this procedure, Winstedt went over and past the honorable obligation, conveying and pushing us. Winstedt has been the greatest and best impact in my youngster’s life and we will be endlessly thankful.

Much obliged to you for the connecting with the style that keeps kids included, and for the magnificent correspondence with guardians. The school’s skill and senses on him were right on target and have prepared for an unheard-of level of learning for him.

The Winstedt School has spared Barney from an average scholarly life by giving an important help, and for driving us to raise our desires. We as a family are so thankful. Winstedt is really a scholarly focus of greatness inside and out.”

– Annie Kirk-Jeffs

Opportunity To Learn And Thrive

“Much thanks to you Winstedt for all that you have accomplished for Mitchell throughout the years! He has developed a colossal measure of certainty inside himself and his perusing.

Unique gratitude to Sharon for building a school where he was at long last allowed to learn and to flourish. Without Winstedt, he would not be the sure and glad kid that he is today.”

– Parent of a Year 3 understudy

Something other than Academic Development

“The Winstedt School has been a brilliant star in my child’s instructive excursion. Winstedt has helped him create in something other than his scholastics.

We value all the imaginative things you do to benefits understudies. Much obliged to you for upholding for understudies and for keeping their eventual benefits on the most fundamental level. What’s more, thank you for all you have accomplished for my child.”

– Parent of a Year 3 understudy

Winstedt Is Too Good To Be True

“My girl has developed such a great amount of gratitude to the consideration and direction Winstedt has indicated her. Those numerous years prior, when another school was showing her out because of her learning distinction, she was so hopeless and battling. By then, I felt a feeling of misery.

I know as a matter of fact what it resembles to be ‘lost in the framework’ in view of a learning contrast; I was unable to peruse until the sixth grade. Like my little girl, I was simply sneaking past.

When Dr. Marcou enlightened me concerning your school, it sounded unrealistic. With our consolidated endeavors, she is currently in the correct way and has similar open doors some other kid would have. For this, I will consistently be thankful to Winstedt.

– Matt Goldthwaite

Taking Off In Reading And Writing

“He kept in touch with you his own little letter, however, I thought I’d fill you in on how he’s doing. I’m so glad to report that he is doing magnificently! He is truly taking off in both perusing and composing now.

Winstedt has hugely affected his life. I question that you will ever be overlooked.”

– Parent of a Year 1 understudy, presently dwelling in the US

School That Actually Does Offer Extra Help

“Winstedt was the third school my little girl went to in Singapore and the one in particular that had the option to help her. We found that there is a distinction between a school that ‘can’ offer additional assistance and a school that really ‘does’ offer additional assistance.”

– Parents of a Year 7 understudy

From Anxious Child To Confident Teen

“So honored to have been acquainted with The Winstedt School! Our child has gone from the start a tension-filled kid to a cheerful, sure high schooler with exceptionally sound confidence.

He’s generally so glad to be a piece of the school and cherishes going inconsistently. Much thanks to you to Sharon and the group for the additional consideration made in choosing instructors who relate well to the understudies and can educate and interface with understudies from all foundations and with various learning styles.”

– Parent of a Year 8 understudy

Best School Experience

“We are so disillusioned to be moved to Australia on the grounds that there is no Winstedt there! Our little girl has been finding real success at Winstedt that we have such overwhelming hearts to leave.

The Winstedt School has given her the best school experience ever. She anticipates school each day and consistently returns home with a gigantic grin.

Much obliged to you for such a great encounter!”

– Parents of a Year 2 understudy, presently living in Australia

Tragic To Leave Winstedt

“Our child has really profited by Winstedt and all the help it has given. We can’t thank the group enough for the cherishing and caring condition gave to all the understudies. As guardians, we are solid supporters for everything Winstedt represents.

We are so miserable to be moved out of Singapore as it implies leaving Winstedt. Our all the best to the School and realize that a piece of us will consistently be there. On account of Sharon and the educators for all that you do. You are really a motivation!”

– Parents of Year 3 understudy, presently living in the US

From Back Of The Class To Confident Learners

“Our involvement in Winstedt has been sure since the primary call. Our young men trialed more than three days and were promptly eager to join the School. Their response after the class preliminary settled on our choice to enlist simple.

We went from two young men stalling into school every day, to two upbeat young men who were miserable to leave school every evening. Since moving to Winstedt a year prior, the two young men have bloomed to keep students who are currently demonstrating extraordinary scholastic outcomes. We can’t communicate that we were so cheerful to get their last school reports! They have gone from numbers in the rear of a huge homeroom, too excited and sure students.

Every day I am excited to hear their accounts and get in contact with their educators. The warm and inviting inclination you get when you enter the front entryway makes me, as a mother, realize that my young men are in the most sustaining learning condition I could have found.

As an expat who is continually getting starting with one nation then onto the next, finding a spot like Winstedt resembled striking gold! We as guardians couldn’t be more joyful!”

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