Ohm Energy Singapore

Who Owns Ohm Energy Pte Ltd?

If you’re looking to know who is the owner of Ohm Energy PTE LTD then here is the right place.

The answer to that is Mr Jomar Eldoy, he is the founder, managing director and CEO of Ohm.

My Experience With Ohm

Initially I didn’t know which retailer to choose from but I always wanted stability, consistency and convenience so I chose Ohm because they had an agreement with SP Group to adopt their billing methods and infrastructures, despite all the tempting and gimmicky offers that other retailers were running such as free iPads, free 1 year car insurance, etc.

Having been with them for over 6 months has been a great experience for my family and I and We’re extremely satisfied with their service excellence not just in their electricity supply but also their customer support.

electricity price plan

When you switch over to Ohm, you will enjoy the same stability of electricity and convenience of billing as with SP Group but at a reduced price.

My family and I are so happy with Ohm that we decided to extend for another 6 months and we will renew our plan again once the term ends.

Check out my coupon page to get yourself a $20 OFF if you decide to make the switch over to ohm. Just apply the coupon and the discount will be activated.

Just do it even if you are skeptical, I was feeling the same way as you but knowing Ohm is SP Group integrated, I had no doubts left and Ohm truthfully delivers what it promises.

If you have any questions about Ohm, feel free to shoot me an email or contact their support directly.