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Tools Better Than Woodpecker: ScopeLeads Is The Best

Hi there, if you have never heard of Woodpecker or were considering it, now is the time to learn…and take heed of better tools out there.

Woodpecker is an okay program and it will let you personalize and get your email campaigns automated so that you don’t have to worry about individually emailing each of your prospects and following up with them.

You can also use Woodpecker with tools like PieSync and Zapier.

Trying Out Woodpecker

When I was trying out Woodpecker, I certainly noticed some good things.

For instance, I was able to schedule when emails would go out and this was good for follow-ups with various prospects.

You can send more emails to more clients at any given time.

I also noticed reply rates were pretty good, at the time I thought it was as high as it could possibly get. (Spoiler alert, I was wrong).

I also thought it was cool how Woodpecker detected when you were sending to a duplicate email which saves me from looking like an overzealous nut sending heaps of emails to a prospect.

However, I was also made aware of the “cons” of Woodpecker the more I used it.

I quickly came to realize that there were no ready-made templates as there are with ScopeLeads, also the fact that you can’t send attachments on these emails is a pain point.

Pricing is fair, I will say.

It’s $40 a month or $33 a month if paying on an annual basis.

The Pro Plan offers you a rate of $50 a month or $42 if paid annually.

Meanwhile, the Enterprise plan is based on individual needs. I don’t like this; I want to know the price now.

Why ScopeLeads?

scopeleads is a better tool than woodpecker

So, what’s my take?

It’s not bad.

But ScopeLeads is the best Woodpecker alternative, I am glad I got to know it.

First of all, let’s talk about pricing.

ScopeLeads comes in at $67, $99 or $199 a month.

And, you get more for your money.

I also find that this program is a great helper in getting EVERYTHING done.

What do I mean?

Well, it’s like having a helper in the office who specializes in finding the leads you want, and you can tailor your company’s specialties to the emails you send.

For instance, we are great at SEO, so we send emails out that ScopeLeads helped us generate that show off our expertise in this area.

I find that this program is super easy to use especially if you have a WordPress background.

The interface is easy, and I found it to be a breeze to make new campaigns, create email templates that knocked it out of the park, and even have a chat with the support team if I needed it.

And did we mention the algorithms on this thing?

There are buttons you can dedicate algorithms that will help you search for SEO and website leads.

And there is even a chart that will aid you in mapping and tracking the progress of your lead gen campaign.

I use this to know when it is time for me to write personalized, one-time emails to webmasters I’d like to work with.

I do believe my prospects have grown as a result of the professional demeanor ScopeLeads generates for us.

My point?

ScopeLeads does more than Woodpecker and you get more out of it leadwise.

We have a full review of ScopeLeads here if you want to read it.