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Tools Better Than Yesware: We Recommend ScopeLeads

It’s important to recognize that these are not all created equal.

As a matter of fact, it’s critical in the competitive universe of sales to seriously research and evaluate what you’re buying.

You and I both know we don’t have time or money to waste.

What I Liked

So, let’s begin by talking about Yesware.

I’m not gonna lie, it’s a pretty good program.

It’s not hard to connect with prospects, keep track of client engagement, and do it all from your email inbox.

You can absolutely formulate better sales strategies with it.

Your sales team doesn’t have to work as hard doing reports and can devote more of their time to closing deals.

Yesware solves a bunch of issues that many of us face in sales, for instance, we have to be experts in prioritizing prospect engagement and making sure to follow up with the right person next.

We also can’t spend too much time updating records or sending ineffective messages to prospects.

Yesware solves all of these.

Pricing is pretty good; it starts at $12 a month per user and goes up to $55 per user per month.

You do get a lot of good stuff.

For instance, the Enterprise program gets you all the premium features, Salesforce Auto Email Sync, Salesforce Auto Reply Sync, Salesforce Calendar Sync, and lots more.

The phone and email support are pretty good, too.

Again, it’s not bad.

But I do think compared to ScopeLeads, (the best Yesware alternative) it’s just not as good.

…But ScopeLeads Is Better

scopeleads is a better tool than yesware

Why is this?

Well, ScopeLeads is more competitively priced, first of all.

I realize the price was not the first thing I talked about but let’s be honest: “What’s it gonna cost me?” is my first question.

The pricing is as follows: $67 per month for the Lite plan, $99 a month for the Pro Plan, and $199 a month for the Agency plan.

This is a lot more manageable than the per-user cost Yesware has.

I also find that ScopeLeads is a lot more flexible and has more stuff I enjoy about it.

The interface of Scopeleads is so easy to just use anywhere I go.

So, whether I’m on the plane, the train, or in an Uber, it just works.

We all know videos are the prime way of marketing and selling, right?

Video ads are everywhere!

“Video Lacking” is one of the greatest features of the ScopeLeads SaaS and is a huge seller for many of the leads I get through the program.

With Yesware I could create email templates that indicated prospects lacked video, but the effectiveness just wasn’t the same.

Why It’s Best

In sum, I liked ScopeLeads’ plan of attack better.

All you have to do is tweak the emails to match the business you’re trying to sell to, and ScopeLeads will make it happen for you.

The benefits are numerous too: Without rambling on, I’d like to tell you what I really love about ScopeLeads Pro Plan.

  • Run unlimited searches
  • Save unlimited leads
  • Send any number of bulk emails
  • Send as many single emails as you want
  • Make use of autorun if you have other things to do

Bottom line?

ScopeLeads is loads easier to use and more cost-effective, period!

If you want to know more about Scope Leads, read my review here.